obsługa firm

Assistance in commencing business activities on the territory of The Russian Federation More and more companies are beginning to operate on the markets of Eastern Europe. I offer a unique opportunity of comprehensive services in Polish for companies working in the east, particularly on the territory of The Russian Federation and for Russian entrepreneurs intending to start business activities in Poland. I am always willing to participate in projects to support foreign companies in the region of Eastern Europe.

Services concerning business activities on the territory of The Russian Federation For companies just beginning their activities in Russia first of all I would like to offer services which can help them get their own business up and running on the territory of Russia, i.e. services concerning registering of a company, filling out all the documents and taking care of all the formalities. Using my knowledge of the reality as well as perfect language skills I can also carry out initial market research in accordance with a company's needs in order to determine target customers and their needs and preferences, a niche on the market or their main competitors.

At later stages of a company's activities I can eagerly take on the role of a Mystery Shopper. The so-called Mystery shopping is carried out to support Polish companies in the east to monitor the quality of the customer service in the branch offices located in Russia or other countries in that region as well as to check whether their Eastern subsidiaries conform to the internal procedures of the company ordering such services. This is absolutely essential marketing research which gives a unique insight into each branch's activities and work. Moreover, it also improves the quality of customer service and motivates employees. Usually such research is done remotely using such typical business tools as telephone, email and business letters. It is also possible to carry it out on-site, i.e. in a foreign branch office.